Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Ambury farm Trip 5.9.17

Miss Walker was very sad when she found the farm trip was happening when she was away from school but when she read these stories she felt like she was actually there! Well done room 10 your recounts were amazing!

Tristan wrote: I am feeding the goat, it is eating the food so fast. I like feeding goats it was fun when I was feeding it. And it was so fun.

Aiyannah wrote: I saw the sheep running on the grass. The lambs are eating the grass.

Alexis wrote: I am touching the lambs, the lambs feel soft. Lambs drink milk. I am going to feed the lambs the milk. 

Hanna wrote: I went to the farm and the cow chewed my dress and I said "no, no, no." To the cow. I patted the horse.

Mateo wrote: I went to the farm, it is fun. The farmer puts the machine on the cows and sucks the milk up. It is amazing. 

Bethany wrote: On Tuesday I went to the farm, I saw a horse. I patted it, it was rough. It was like fabric. Also I saw a baby lamb, it felt soft. I fed it, it was drinking the milk. Also I saw a big chicken, I touched it. It was smooth, it felt fluffy. I like the farm.

Layla wrote: I am at the farm, I am feeding the lambs. I counted to 10 and passed the baby lambs bottle on. And everybody else did the same. 

Kyle wrote: I am looking at the sheep, it is going to it's family. I am eating my lunch with Mrs Wilkins.

Vinnie wrote: I am feeding the goat and I am feeding the chicken and the chicken nibbled the food on my hand. We went back to school.

Chaela wrote: At the farm I saw the sheep and the lady said a question at the farm. And she told us the poo was in the sheep wool. 

Capri wrote: I went to the farm. I saw some lambs and I like feeding the lambs.

Nicole wrote: I am feeding the baby lambs, the baby lambs were jumping. The pigs were following the food. We scratched the pigs backs. 

Jacob wrote: I went to the farm. I saw the sheep and I saw the chickens. I saw a cow it has black spots. I love the farm it is cool. Farms are awesome.

Kenda wrote: I am feeding the goats and it gave me a lick! But it was soft and I saw the cows and I pat it. And I saw Tevita.

Nirvana wrote: I like feeding the lambs because they drink milk. Then we went to eat our lunch.

Tevita wrote:I am feeding the chickens and the chickens liked my hand and it was fun. At the farm I saw Kenda and I wished to be in Kendas group.

Emily didn't got to the farm either this is what she did instead: I am driving to Taupo. It is a long drive. I do not like long drives. I drive into my motel. It is called Karaka Tree Motel. It was evening when we got to the motel. I am packing my suitcase. I am packing some warm clothes. I do not like un-packing and packing but I have to because my parents asked me to. My suitcase has Elsa and a heart and some snowflakes on it, I get into my togs, they have flamingos on them. I like my togs. Some flamingos are sparkly silver and some are pink. I get in the hot tub. It is so hot. It took me a long time to get in. So hot!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

*Matariki Breakfast*

On a wet and windy morning we celebrated culture and customs with a shared breakfast. The scene was set in room 10. 
After a bit of exercise to get us hungry rooms 9 and 10 came together for a feast of Weetbix, milk and fruit.
The room was filled with chatter and chewing and it was really nice having a proper sit down meal with our closest neighbours. We all had beautiful manners and some of us ended up with very full stomachs. 

Monday, July 31, 2017

All about patterns

Our first week back saw us focussing on patterns during Maths and Inquiry. The Pasifika people use a lot of patterns in their Art and we have started to do the same. We also created our own patterns using various maths equipment.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017



Let's Dance

At the end of term 2 we attended some pretty intense dance sessions. It was loads of fun and we learnt three pretty tricky dances in only 2 weeks. The last Friday of term was performance day for the parents and teachers to observe and enjoy.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thank you Miss Kissun

For the last few weeks we have been lucky enough to have a student teacher based in Room 10, the children have loved having her and I has been a new experience for me as well. Tomorrow is her last day and we just wanted to say THANKS 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Disco Disco Disco

Last Friday night was the first disco experience for Miss Walker and some of the children since joining Beach Haven Primary School. The music was blasting, there was excitement in the air and the dance moves were out of this world. 

Layla said she loved the disco because it had lots of fun parts. Bethany enjoyed the music and the pictures from the zoo.

Tevita loved the disco because of the food and Mateo said it was great seeing everyone from our class.

 Tristan had fun at the disco, he was dancing his feet off. Hanna loved the dancing at the disco and she really liked the lollies. Chaela is our dancing queen so she loved the whole thing!